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Classified Staff Council

The Classified Staff Council strives to identify ways to enhance the general welfare and working environment for our fellow employees. Our monthly meetings are open to the entire campus community and we welcome your participation and input.

What Does Staff Council Do For You?

Representation: Staff Council members listen to your concerns and suggestions. We genuinely care about the College and its staff. We are your voice to the administration.

Educational Enrichment: Staff Council offers training and development workshops to further inform and educate employees.

Staff Development: Take advantage of seminars and workshops at venues of your choice with financial assistance through Staff Council funding. The required form is available by clicking the link below.

Staff Socials: Staff Council sponsors events for employees to relax and socialize, promoting positive relationships with coworkers.

Employee Recognition: Staff Council proudly initiated the Outstanding Staff Member of the Year award in 2005. We continue to research additional means to effectively increase morale and recognize all employees for their hard work, dedication, and committed service to the College. We welcome input from all employees!

When do we meet?: Our new meeting day and time is the last Friday of each month at 2:00 p.m., in the Heritage Room in University Place. All classified staff are encouraged to attend.

What Can You Do?

Classified Staff Constitution and By-Laws


Outstanding Staff Member of the Year Nomination Guidelines

Staff Development Guidelines

Scholarship Details

Scholarship recipients will receive up to $1,335* per semester. Semesters covered include fall, spring and summer.

  *The exact scholarship amount is dependent on the bill received by the scholarship recipient for each semester, which may vary based on campus enrollment, residency status and course selection.

  Only one application is required per semester.*

  * Applicants who express interest in more than one semester on their application will be contacted each semester to confirm continued interest. Continued employment for West Virginia University is required for consideration of future awards.

Complete Scholarship Application

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